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 Server Rules

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Server Rules Empty
PostSubject: Server Rules   Server Rules I_icon_minitime19th February 2021, 21:19

Server Rules

For Players

1. Hacks, Configs and Scripts are NOT allowed - Ban Permanent
2. Spamming or swearing in chat/voice is NOT allowed - Gag 5-10 min, followed by 60 minutes Ban if continue
3. You are not allowed to retry/rejoin server when zombie/nemesis/assassin - Kick/Ban 10-15 minutes
4. Zombies are obliged to attack and not hide or stay behind - Chance of Slay/Kick
5. Teamming up (zombies team with human) is NOT allowed - Slay/Kick
6. Humans are NOT allowed to go in places that zombies cannot reach - Slay
7. Mic/Voice language should only be english or it will be considered spamm - Gag 10-60 minutes
8. Players are NOT allowed to ask for ammo packs from admins/helpers - Gag 10-60 minutes
9. Making Truce (giving free kills to your friends or avoid killing them while killing the others) is NOT allowed -Slay/Kick/Ban 10 minutes
10. Inappropriate sprays (pornographic,racist) are NOT allowed - Ban 60 minutes or longer
11. Advertisement of any kind will NOT be tolerated - Ban 1-3 days
12. Players MUST notice admin hud chat

For Vips

1. Vips are NOT allowed to share their vip guns with others - Risk VIP removal
2. Vips should not donate more than 500 ammo packs to others - Risk VIP removal

For Helpers/Admins

1. Admins must have a decent language in chat with respect to others and no swearing - 1-7 days Suspension/Admin removal
2. Admins must maintain a peaceful atmosphere on the server and to stop intrigues when happening - Warning
3. When a player is afk you are obliged to move him to spectator (Do not Kick him!) - Warning
4. Do not abuse admin in any way- Warning/admin removal
5. Admins must always make sure the server rules are met and illustrate them to players/other admins when needed - Warning
6. Commands between admins are strictly forbidden - Warning/Admin Removal
7. All admins must be registered and active on forum - Risk admin removal
8. Admins who allow others to advertise other servers - Risk admin removal
9. If a player joins with a server name you must change it with amx_nick command. Do not kick! - Warning
10. For admins , you are NOT allowed to make more than 4 mods in a single map - Risk Admin Removal

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Server Rules
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